Yes, I write under many names: Megan Crane, Caitlin Crews, M.M. Crane, and Hazel Beck. But no matter the name, the story is always all mine. Why do I write under a variety of names? I have Reasons.

I discovered my first romance novel at the age of twelve in a bargain bin at the local five and dime. It involved swashbuckling pirates having grand adventures on the open sea, a heroine with a mind of her own, and a seriously masterful hero who swept her away no matter how clever she was.

I was immediately smitten with romance and all the romantic themes I could get my hands on. (I still am.)

I had grand plans to star on Broadway — preferably in Evita, just like the great Patti LuPone. Sadly, my inability to wow audiences with my singing voice required a back up plan, so I launched myself into academics instead. This was not a good fit for someone who liked lounging about and reading books a lot more than dissecting them in classrooms, but it did allow me to live in England for half a decade, so I can’t complain.

Writing (and finishing!) my first book was a relief.  And actually publishing that book was one of the greatest thrills of my life.

Now I’m more than 100 books in, I’m still a romance fanatic, it still thrills me to see my books on shelves, and yes, I’m still plotting my Broadway debut.

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Do You Have a Favorite Bookstore?

I do! I adore my neighborhood bookstore, Rebel Heart Books. Owned and run by awesome women, it’s every book store you fantasize about and so much more. I’ve spent more time than I’m willing to confess slumped out on the couch in the store, talking about books and the world and life and anything else that comes to mind there. Then leaving with an armful of books I didn’t know I needed. Isn’t that what bookstores are for?

My friend (and fellow Harlequin author) Maisey Yates and I run the Romance Rebels Book Club from the store—we meet once a month for a fun, sometimes rowdy, always delightful discussion of all things romance. No one who comes is shy about their opinions and even when we all disagree, we have a fantastic time! (Check out my Events page to see what we’re reading this year.)

You can support Rebel Heart too—and I would love it if you did—or you can look for your own local store at, the new online ordering option for indie book shops.

Are you going to write in some other genre or about my favorite secondary character?


Whether or not I write something depends on two things: if the story comes to me and if I have time to dig into it.

If I come up with an amazing story for something or someone, of course, I’ll try to find the time. Never say never!

How can I keep track of all your books? When is the next one coming out?

There are a few ways to keep track of all the books I have coming your way:

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