November 15, 2017

Have Yourself A Crazy Little Christmas

Part of The Greys of Montana Stories by Megan Crane

Dependable Devyn Voss is no stranger to cleaning up her mother’s messes, but this one’s gone supernova. In search of love, her flighty mom has invited all of her exes to celebrate her Christmastime 50th birthday. Which is trouble enough, but only gets worse when Devyn’s former stepbrother shows up to the party. His dark brown eyes and lazy smile still setting sparks off inside of Devyn that she’s desperate to ignore.

Nashville songwriter Vaughn Taylor only came to the party to support his dad. And if he happens to see his pretty ex-stepsister there, that’s just fine. But the minute he lays eyes on her, he’s gripped by all his old desires – to undo all her uptight and get past that guarded exterior.

They were never supposed to see each other again, but now that they have – all those sparks have become a bonfire. But will this little bit of Christmas crazy last… or will it end with the season?

Print: Coming December 19, 2017
Digital: Coming January 1, 2018

A Baby to Bind His Bride

by Caitlin Crews

Claiming his wedding night! 

Presumed dead after a tragic accident, billionaire CEO Leonidas Betancur does not recall the vows he made four years ago. But after he is tracked down by his wife, Susannah, fragments of his memory reappear. He denied her a wedding night, and now he is ready to collect!

Abandoned in her bridal gown and believing herself a widow, Susannah now wants Leonidas to reclaim his empire so she can be free. But he is more untamed and dangerously attractive than she remembers! With a single touch she surrenders her innocence…

And now the consequences of their passion will bind them together forever!

This book is available for pre-order from:

Print: Coming March 20, 2018
Digital: Coming April 1, 2018

Imprisoned by the Greek’s Ring

by Caitlin Crews

After ten years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit, Atlas Chariton has finally been exonerated.

And he’s coming home – to the Worth family, who treated him like another son until they decided he’d killed their daughter – to get his revenge.

On the patriarch of the Worth family, who Atlas suspects might be the true killer.

On the heirs to the Worth fortune, who could have stood up for him and didn’t.

And on Lexi Haring, supposed ”poor relation” to the Worth family and fortune, who actually sat there in court and testified against him.

Atlas has been plotting out his most intimate revenge against Lexi for a long time. He will wed her, bed her, and force her into a prison of his making!

But in all his years of planning, he never counted on love…

More information soon!

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