The Castelli Brothers Series

The Castelli brothers have it all – an ancient name synonymous with some of Italy and California’s best wines, devastating good looks, and the world at their feet.

But all the money and power in the world can’t save them from the ravages of the heart!

In Unwrapping the Castelli Secret, Rafael Castelli is finally ready to come to terms with the death of his stepsister Lily, and the forbidden passion they shared – until he sees her ghost on the streets of a faraway town.  Except Lily is no ghost – and she’s been keeping more than one secret…

In Castelli’s Virgin Widow, Luca Castelli has hated his too-young, too-pretty stepmother since the moment his much-married father brought her home. But now his father is dead and Luca must face the fact that what burns between him and Kathryn isn’t hate at all…

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